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NordicNFC was originally thought only to be the design, development and production arm of Nordic Wristbands’ smart products.

Over the years however, we kept on receiving requests for various types of RFID and NFC products and once we learned we could meet various tight deadlines, come up with new solutions for sometimes very strange requests and still guarantee the high quality Nordic Wristbands smart products are known for, it was decided to come up with this website to offer you a selection of handpicked NFC products.

Every product available thru NordicNFC is guaranteed to be of a very high quality and is included here because of this very thing – guaranteed quality. Although we have our production in China, we control the production ourselves and hence, delivery times, production quality, personalization and every minor detail can be guaranteed as agreed!

We are not looking to list each and every RFID or NFC product imaginable but try to limit the selection to a few priority items. If you have a custom request, let us know! Our team loves a challenge!

Have a look around and get in touch! Thank you for being here!