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Dark Black Walnut RFID Card
Dark Black Walnut RFID Card

Different wood types have unique grain patterns, colors, and textures. Now we offer a variety of wood options you can choose from to achieve the aesthetic you want.

Dark black walnut is prized for its deep, rich color, ranging from dark brown to almost black. The distinctive grain adds character and visual interest, and has a luxurious and sophisticated appearance. Almost any shape is possible, as well as any inlay type. Enquire here!


-available in standard sizes or fully customized to your requirements

-full color printed either offset or inkjet, engraved, lasered or a combination of these!

-available with variable data like qr and barcodes or consecutive numbering

-available with a signature panel

-available with a magnetic stripe, either HiCo or LoCo

-UID printed and extracted, available with most RFID and NFC chips

-All of our wood comes from sustainable forests certified by Forest Stewardship Council - FSC Website

Try our RFID product builder!

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