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Black Walnut RFID Card
Black Walnut RFID Card

Different wood types have unique grain patterns, colors, and textures. Now we offer a variety of wood options you can choose from to achieve the aesthetic you want.

Black walnut typically has a pronounced and attractive grain pattern. This distinctive grain, and its rich, dark brown to almost black color have a luxurious and sophisticated appearance, providing a high-end and visually appealing option. Almost any shape is possible, as well as any inlay type. Enquire here!


-available in standard sizes or fully customized to your requirements

-full color printed either offset or inkjet, engraved, lasered or a combination of these!

-available with variable data like qr and barcodes or consecutive numbering

-available with a signature panel

-available with a magnetic stripe, either HiCo or LoCo

-UID printed and extracted, available with most RFID and NFC chips

-All of our wood comes from sustainable forests certified by Forest Stewardship Council - FSC Website

Try our RFID product builder!

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